Molest Me Please

The last hour or so before I have to take Lopez to the airport is usually pretty quiet between us. I’m usually a bit teary-eyed and he comforts me with his reassuring touch.

Today was different.

We had just finished eating (I always insist on feeding him home cooking since he’s always traveling) and I was laying on the couch.

“So what do you want to do for your last minutes in Nola?” I asked him.

“Molest you.”

(Ummm yeah! #molestmeplease)

He laid on top of me. He was nearly dressed, slacks, belt unbuckled, undershirt and his shoes on. He reached both of his arms under me and locked them tight. Squeezing me and softly kissing my face.

“Did you have a good weekend?” He asked between his kisses.

“Always.” I smiled and kissed him back. My hands were under his undershirt touching and caressing his skin.

I proceeded to tell him how sexy he was and how much I enjoyed him.

“Nothing special.” Is his response all the time.

He continued with his squeezes and kisses. I continued with my caressing and had taken his shirt off and began kissing his arms and shoulders.

I could feel his swollen penis against me and had to have it.

My hands found the front of him and I rubbed his hard cock. I unbuttoned his pants and ran my hands under his boxers and squeezed his butt.

My breathing had changed, deeper and had a slight moan to it when I exhaled. He started with those infamous hard neck kisses.

She was salivating. #Salivatingvagina She was hungry. She had possessed my hips and had me grinding against Lopez’s cock. Like a snake charmer she slowly coaxed Lopez’s cock to come out and play.

I had his pants down to his knees and grinding my hips against him. I was wearing some over sized boxers so all I had to do was slide them over for Lopez to have full access to my wet, wanting to be penetrated vagina.

I moaned as he penetrated me. He was slow with his entrance and continued with his soft kisses. I was completely his.

“You feel so good,” he whispered in my ear. (He totally stole my line.)

His strokes were deep and slow. I held my breath between strokes in anticipation for the next one.

I wrapped my legs around his, grabbed his butt and elevated my hips. I was rocking my hips back and forth getting him as deep as possible.

I circled my hips a few times and I felt him tighten his butt and he started his hard strokes. Slow and hard.

My hands continued to caress every inch of him I could touch. I kissed his neck and traced his shoulder and bicep with my tongue.

It wasn’t long before he had me cumming and he wasn’t far behind me with my moans. They always get him.

#81… Sometimes slow and deep deliver the best “good dickin’s”.


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