Cherry Poppin’ Time

My first time, I was young-too young to be having sex. It was my sophomore year in high school, we were at a friend’s parent’s house. They were out of town, so it was only natural that we had a house party.

Brianna’s parents were wine lovers. They had a wine cellar- score!

We had get togethers quite often there but this one was epic, quite the turn out. We always snuck two or three bottles of wine and her parents never noticed – or at least never said anything. This night everyone helped themselves (I’ll come back to this).

Like I said before, I didn’t date too much in high school, I was always the in the friend zone with the guys.
There was a guy, “Happy”- it was a nickname yes, but I never got his first name.

Anyways, Happy came over to the “high-low” drinking game we were playing outside while chugging the ever so cheap, nasty and sure to leave you with a killer hangover Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill. To this day I cannot drink strawberry wine or strawberry flavored alcohol… #instahurl

He stood across from where I was sitting and we made eye contact a few times, I was already a little tipsy and of course there were “smokes” making their way around the table- it was Laredo.

I got up to pee. When I retuned, Happy was sitting in my spot. I spouted some inappropriateness to the tune of “get out my seat pendejo”.
(Basically I called him an idiot/ass using Spanish slang).

He laughed “Guera’s got jokes”.
(White girl)

Then he motioned over for me to sit on his lap… I had already kicked off my shoes and changed into boxer shorts- yes I was that girl.

I walked over and stood by him, I don’t do well when given commands. He slid his hand up my shorts to play with my butt (the little barely there butt I have). I was wearing a pair of thongs so he started playing with them, running his hand under the elastic. I pulled his hand away and shook my finger “no”.

Audie and Cheeks (the two guys I was closest to in school) called me over. They gave me Happy’s last 5 years of his life in like 10 seconds. Basically saying he was a puto (slut) and no good. (Again the whole “don’t tell me what to do).

I walked around and visited with a few people for a bit and then walked to the side of the house to light one up alone. I sat in the grass, it was wet from the dew of the early morning, the sun would be coming up soon.

Just as I pulled in my first drag, I felt someone over me. It was Happy, he sat beside me and put his hand out for a pass.

We began talking, nothing of importance just talking. He asked if I was seeing anyone, I said no- he asked why. I didn’t really have an answer so I blurted out “Cause I’m a virgin” and I began my nervous, uncontrollable laugh.

His eyes lit up… He was a little older than me, I’m not sure by how much but he had graduated and was attending the local college. He had come with his younger brother.

“I’ve never been with a virgin” he said.

I thought for a moment… Why not let someone that didn’t matter take my virginity?! I had heard so many awkward stories about my friends not knowing what was going on or what they were doing at the time- this would be perfect.

I nodded my head… “Ok. I don’t want to be a virgin any more”.

(Charming I know… I have a way with words).

He stood up and pulled me up too. I was 5’4″ ish and he was probably 6’3″, so he had to bend down to kiss me.

He picked me up and set me on the A/C unit outside. His kisses were short and pecking-like, not a turn on at all. I tried to get him to kiss slower and get into it, but he was like a woodpecker on a mission.

He went to pull off my shirt and I pulled it back on (we were outside on the side of a house, there were people in the backyard and inside- if we got caught I didn’t want to be completely nude).

He rubbed my vagina from the inside of my boxers. My hands stayed by my side, I didn’t know what to do with them. I tried touching his face but that was awkward, running my hands down his chest wasn’t working either.

He picked me off the unit and had me stand up… He started kissing my belly and working my boxers off. (I don’t even know this kid’s name! What is wrong with me, I thought).

My boxers fell to the moist ground, my vagina was started to get wet too, his kisses had traveled down to my legs and I could feel his hot breath over my pussy. I closed my eyes and leaned back on the unit. He looked up at me and penetrated his fingers into me.

“It’s so tight,” he said. You could hear his excitement and smile. I on the other hand was second guessing why his dirty fingers were in my vagina.

There was a discomfort, he wasn’t very soft or easy with his touch, my vagina seemed to dry up fast… She was not a fan of Mr. Happy.

I heard his belt buckle unlatch and his pants drop, he turned me around so he could enter me from behind.

He took him a while to work his cock into my tight, dry vagina. Good thing his condom had spermicide on it, it helped some. Each poke was painful, I was not enjoy this at all, he was into it… I could hear his breathing change and he kept saying how tight it was.

It didn’t last long and it made me thankful for that and for doing it with him. It couldn’t have been any more enjoyable with Prince Charming.

He zipped his pants up kissed my butt as I reached for my boxers. Have me a peck on the forehead and said thanks as he rounded the corner of the house to meet everyone in the backyard.

I got myself together, I had a few tears on my face from the pain.

When I went to the bathroom I had blood all over my boxers and legs. I was freaked out. I remembered a friend told me before, she had bled after/during her first time, so I was eased by that.

I showered and cleaned up and grabbed a smoke. I stayed in the garage for the remainder of the day, my vagina was sore. I got a couple of hours of sleep and went home.

It stayed on my mind for a while, the whole act of me losing my virginity, if it would have been any different with someone I cared about. Would it not have hurt so much? Should I have waited? Was that supposed to be a moment I treasured forever?

The only people who knew what happened that night were Audie and Cheeks. They knew by me going MIA something went down oh and the whole blood stain on his jeans where he wiped his hands and Cheeks had noticed (he always noticed everything). They would tease me asking me how “Happy” I was today or if I could use a little “Happy” in my life. #goodpeople

I saw Happy one other time when we went “across”. He was there and introduced himself to me as if we never met… It was a little funny.

#27… Handle a virgin vagina with care.

**oh and when Brianna’s parents came back home, apparently we had drank close to $4,500 worth of wine from their collection. Brianna, Michelle and myself became slaves… Yard work, house cleaning, errands- you name it until her parents thought we paid off the debt.


2 thoughts on “Cherry Poppin’ Time

  1. i too lost it to someone i didnt care about i was 18 years old and was sick of the whole prince charming screwed me over kinda story. I lost it to someone 10 years older than me whom i was dating but had no feelings for. Broke up with him a month later lol.

    • Thanks for sharing that.
      I’m not sure why as women we are sold, and believe, the whole Prince Charming and romance and the first one is supposed to be “so special”. The reality is it’s not a pleasant experience for the most part.

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